Lawn Care & Maintenance

Beginning in early spring (February/March), our properties receive an intensive preparation for the start of the growing season with thorough weeding, edging of planting beds with a crisp spade edge, weed and fertilizer applications, light pruning of select material, and a proper installation of hardwood mulch.

This “Spring Maintenance” positions the property for a good, healthy start to the season and is the standard to which we design subsequent services to maintain.

As our service offerings are customized to both your property and your preferences we meet with you on site to develop a maintenance regime that will deliver the quality and level of detail you expect given the frequency and service items you select. We offer guidance and recommendations to remain the watchful eye on the landscape identifying potential issues and diligently assisting you in protecting your landscape investment.

Because our program is custom, we tend to special requests on behalf of our clients. We also continue care until the season slows in late October and have the availability to manage winter needs, such as weeds, as well.

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