Value of Winter Design



 Value to Winter Design Work 


~ Focused attention

Fewer distractions from daily production schedule provide time for the Landscape Designer to dedicate to focused, concentrated, creative design work. Not to say you would not receive same quality work at another time of year- but the off season shifts priorities making design one with the luxury of time and attention to be doing one of the things we are most passionate about- designing!

~ Savings on investment

Discounted rates on design fees and offerings of incentives are more prevalent in the winter months as we aim to motivate you to take advantage of these savings and have your project’s vision translated into a plan now rather than when things are more active during the growing season.

~ Prepared for spring

Design work being performed now means you will be at the head of the line for a spring installation as your plan is ready, contracted, and set to install in advance of the later season heat. You will have the time to enjoy it through this upcoming year and watch it establish.

~ Landscape showing true colors or lack thereof

In winter, sites are most exposed and missing elements such as structure, Evergreens, or texture are highlighted without the buffer of green or flowering material. The “bones” of the landscape shine through and can be developed with greater clarity.

~ Hard look at hardscaping

In winter, hardscape elements such as walks and walls become more pronounced permitting independent consideration of this element and opportunity to improve or build upon it with plantings or other aesthetic changes. It is also a good time to consider adding fire pits, outdoor kitchen spaces, or landscape lighting to extend usage and enjoyment of outdoor spaces.

~ Storm assessment

Grading and drainage concerns become more evident during the height of storm season providing the ability to evaluate them and remedy most accurately after observing what is happening. Trees return to the forefront with damage and need for pruning or removal.


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