We, at Living Oaks Landscaping and Tree Services, Inc. believe the difference to be in the details. As professionals, we strive to do things a little better making our work distinguishable. We feel that our clients are a reflection of how good a job we are doing. We  recognize what we need to work on by openly accepting ways in which we can improve, although compliments are always welcome!

 Our clients can say it best and many have, thank you. 

“Your guys are top notch. I also appreciate that you review the plan with them before they start. It makes a difference.”
– MARCH 2021

Thanks Reynolds
“Thank you for another great job of “taming” our wild and precipitous dune. With the brush cut back, the natural flow of the dune is exposed and the live oaks are free to extend their branches to the sun and salt air. Your crew is not only hard working and efficient, but polite, professional and pleasant. We’re happy to recommend you to friends and neighbors and look forward to working with you in the future.”
– Best regards,
– Bob and Jane Soluri

“…we love everything. I’m glad you helped us decide on keeping the texture of the stones on the patio, and your three steps on the approach to the lower level are great.”
– Claudia Higgins
– March 2021

“Although we are not year-round full-time residents, we visit a few days each week during the off season. While I’ve only owned the property for four years, the lawn looks better this year than it has in previous years. I know this is the dormant season, but I’m used to seeing numerous weeds throughout the lawn. Much improvement this year! Also, the trimming of the pampas grass was timely and very well done. Again, much different than previous years. I also appreciate the notes left when service has been performed. Nice to know your company was there and what was done. Thanks for your services and I look forward to working with you and your company!”
– Rob Hogan
– February 2021

“I just wanted to write to express our appreciation for the great work your folks did on this project. Your guys were here on time every day and worked a full day. They cleaned the area up every day that they worked, which was much appreciated. The finished product is exactly how we envisioned it to be. It’s a pleasure doing business with a professional company like Living Oaks. We continue to value our relationship with you and are thankful for everything.”
– Jamie, Bartlett
– February 2021

“Your guys did a great job with the lawn clean-up.”
– Casey Hansen
– January 2021

“Our house sits in a very visible area near Nags Head Golf Links. Whether it is neighbors or golfers passing by, we receive complements on the look of the property. A great thanks to Reynolds and his team for a beautiful landscaping job.”
– Raymond Winn
– January 2021

“I hope that you receive some sort of landscaping award for this!!!!”
– Skip Stephens
– December 2020

“We are very impressed with the work you and your team did on that driveway on Currituck Road. Just beautiful. We went by yesterday and despite the flooding it all looks dry.”
– Niccolo Donzella
– November 2020

“Fran and I want to thank you and the entire crew who have made our lawn and landscaping better, by far, than we thought it could be. We are very proud of it.”
– Bill Grillo
– November 2020

“Kathi and I have few regrets in life. However, one we have is not learning of Living Oaks, with you at the helm, earlier.

Prior to our meeting you, we saw some of your yards and encouraged our current landscaping folks to model their work/results after yours. It couldn’t be replicated . . .so, we did the tough thing – left our landscapers of many years and talked to you, which, of course, led us to go with you. Immediately, we went from frustration to elation. What you have done to and for our bushes, trees, to include palm trees, and our lawn is difficult to express. It is actually exciting for us each time we get there. We went from a troubled environment to one of the best lawns/yards in the area, I’d be willing to bet.

Thanks for the care you all take of our beach house’s environment. Bravo!”
– Joseph Traficanti,
– November 2020

“I’m Loving my yard! You’ve got a great hardworking crew. Looks terrific!”
– Lucy Power
– October 2020

“Everything looks phenomenal! Our closing is scheduled for 10/21…we will pass your name and info to new owners!”
– Amy Golden
– September 2020

“Thank you, your guys do an excellent job. We can see a huge difference since we purchased this house.”
– Kim & Ron Gerber
– September 2020

“As I walked up to the company truck, I witnessed exactly what I hoped and expected to see; a neatly organized and clean vehicle with a professionally dressed young man off-loading equipment. Based on the condition of our property I would have been shocked to have seen anything else. He introduced himself as did I. He was very polite and professional, and I described to my wife later on that I felt like I was in a commercial for Living Oaks.

I took the time to comment on how terrific a job your company had done in caring for my lawn and shrubs and how my lawn exceeded my expectations. For 15 years I have searched for a company that would be able to take the vision I had for my property and make it become reality and in Living Oaks I finally found the company that could make it happen. Family and friends were actually taking their shoes off to walk on our grass. Unreal.

Thank you so much for bringing my yard back to what I knew it could be.”
– Alan & Cathy Mays
– September 2020

Upon winning Yard of the Month in Martin’s Point:
“This neighborhood recognition really belongs to you and the people who made this happen. Your design is beautiful, and it was executed with careful attention to detail. We enjoyed the entire process of working with you and your team and we are very proud and pleased to own the results. Please share this with Tyler, LT, and everyone else who helped make this happen. You should all take pride in what you achieved here. All we did was to choose the right firm.”
– Niccolo Donzella
– September 2020

“Brandon did a wonderful job at the house yesterday. It looks great. He can come back anytime !!!”
– Jan Kasko
– September 2020

“Bill and I want to thank all of you for managing our lawns. They have never looked this beautiful in August!!! Your new plan has worked! Thanks again for all of your work.”
– Louise and Bill Norko
– August 2020

“We arrived yesterday for a two week stay, and I wanted to make sure to let you know how good the grounds look. The cleanup of the wooded/pine straw area makes a huge difference, the grass in noticeably better, and overall, everything just looks so cared-for. Thank you so much.”
– Kay Baird
– August 2020

“I am amazed at how my lawn has improved and I want to continue to have you oversee its care through the fall.”
– Mac Birdsong
– August 2020

“Your crew has been doing a great job on our yard.”
– Terry Raley
– July 2020

“Fran and I appreciate the detail and thought that goes into your work. We would also like to thank you for the exceptional work being done for our home. The results are beautiful, and they make having to spend more time at home even more enjoyable.”
– Bill & Fran Grillo
– June 2020

“Joe arrived last night, working from here today. He’s thrilled with the yard!!! I’ve been receiving compliments regularly from folks out walking. Many thanks to you and your crew.”
– MaryBeth & Joe Lopes
– June 2020

“The yard is really heading in the right direction. I can see once we get some hot weather it should fill in nicely. Nice job on the shrubs too.”
– Alan Mays
– May 2020

“A quick note to let you know what a great job your crew did on our project (you created) Everyone was great Tyler is very hard working and great at answering questions Preston seems like a fine young man and hopefully will be a long-time member of your team The end product changed the back yard for the better Thanks again for everything.”
– Richard Chance
– April 2020

“I am going to miss the Living Oaks men today. Not only do they do a great job but, they are a pleasure to have around. I look forward to their return… Love my walkways! Love my Magnolia! Love not seeing those palms! Thank you!”
– Chris Chance
– April 2020

“The guys did a terrific job! Thank you!”
– Lynne Riche
– April 2020

In response to Living Oaks Landscaping’s COVID-19 procedures:
“We have always appreciated your expertise, excellent demeanor and great customer focus and service. We admire your business ethics, and leadership in the face of adversity and wish you and your crew and loved ones the very best during these challenging times, which fortunately will eventually pass, hopefully sooner than later.”
– Craig Ignaszewski
– March 2020

“We are super happy with the lawn. We were at the house from the 26th through the 3rd and watched in amazement as that winter rye took hold.”
– Jay Scribner
– January 2020

“We are here in the Outer Banks for New Years. The back “yard” looks fantastic. Quite a big improvement over what was there, and the edging looks great too.”
– Peter Rock
– December 2019

“I wanted to thank you for providing such excellent service to us. I wish I had found you when we built the house. You are by far the most professional landscaper in OBX and you deliver what you promise… I will be providing your name and contact information to the buyers with high hopes that they will have you continue services on the property.”
– Richard and Luana Harris
– October 2019

“I know you know you have great employees. I had another example today. Rob was here to spray several trees and shrubs, but he went above and beyond to help me out with a “small” problem. Somehow a small lizard found his way into the sink in our pool area. I had no idea how to get him out. I asked Rob if he knew, and he agreed to try. In a matter of minutes, he trapped him in a plastic measuring device and was able to release him back to the “wild.” Needless to say, I am very grateful. He did a great job.”
– Deanna Hess
– October 2019

“Just a quick note to let you know that our yard is looking really good. Grass looks great. Thanks to you and your team…for the great work this summer. It’s fun having a friend say – you have the best yard in Nags Head.”
– Steve Kimball
– August 2019

“Thanks for everything you do! I overheard someone walk by the other day and say our lawn looks like a golf course.”
– Susan Anderson
– August 2019

“The lawn is looking much, much better. You’ve done a great job especially with the sprinkler system. We really appreciate your efforts.”
– Tom Seeburger
– June 2019

“WOW! We are down here…this week and everything looks fabulous! You and your crew are doing a fantastic job of keeping everything looking tidy and neat. Great job! I love the plantings, and I love the way you are keeping the Russian Olives trimmed just enough to keep them at bay. I also love the way you re-exposed the small pebble stones next to the inner driveway to bring them back. Also, the biggie: our Hollywood Juniper in the middle is looking better after his bout with the flu. We love the new Hollywood Juniper underneath the “sun”.”
– Bo Read
– November 2018

“I have known Reynolds Lockhart for nearly 20 years, and his company Oaks Landscaping, has designed and completed many lawn projects for me. He has always been professional, polite, and efficient—in short, a pleasure to work with. I have learned to welcome his suggestions as to design and selection because he is right in target as to what works best. I have recommended him and his team to several friends, and those new clients were always pleased.”
– Debbie Ashe
– October 2018

“We love our “beach” landscape with sand and grasses. Reynolds listened to our landscape requests and ideas. He and his crew worked hard to make his plan a beautiful reality.”
– Louise & Bill Norko
– October 2018

“Many thanks for the service you worked this year on our beach house. Truly appreciated and an excellent job to boot.”
– Stephen B. Wilson – VA
– July 2018

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job with our yard/landscape maintenance. We just arrived today, and it was such a welcomed change of pace to see a nice clean landscape and not have to start my vacation with calls to a management company about weeds and overgrown shrubs. Thanks again.”
– Jenny Hurdle
– July 2018

“I just wanted to say thank you and say how very, very happy I am with the appearance of our mulch and property you are servicing with lawn care. We arrived yesterday afternoon and it looks awesome! Thank you for the job you are doing and look forward to seeing you guys over the summer around our property!”
– Alyson Humphreys
– June 2018

“Thanks for another great job. Everyone was great and always so nice and respectful.”
– Gloria Lawrence
– April 2018

“The project turned out really great. Very pleased with the outcome – your vision and work was spot on. I like the natural feel of the plants. Everything fits and goes well together.”
– Monty Ross
– April 2018

“Reynolds that looks awesome!!! I can’t believe the transformation and how much better the entire front yard looks.”
– Betsy Paulus
– December 2017

“We have used the services of Living Oaks Landscaping for a number of years – right up to the sale of our house in Corolla, NC. Curb appeal is always important to us. The good work of Living Oaks gave an exceptional first impression to our renters and our eventual buyer. When we needed to remove old pampas grass, the design they implemented made the front yard tastefully groomed with native, low care plantings. I highly recommend their work.”
– Liz Jackson
– December 2017

“This is our first trip down to Prospect Point since you have done your magic…WOW! Everything looks fantastic! Good job! You did everything we asked, and more. The Russian Olives really needed to be pruned back away from the house, and it was done! Thank you so much!”
– Bo Read
– November 2016

“The guys did a great job with the mulch last Monday. FYI, the guara have gone absolutely nuts this year…double the height of last year, and the Elijah blues that made it through the winter along the front walk also look awesome. The overall landscaping at the front of the house is simply gorgeous, as we have heard from some of our neighbors. I’m looking forward to getting the guara in the back along with the other plants. Thank you SO much!”
– Cheryl Needham
– May 2016

“Your people are first class and I know will do the best they can with a brought job. By the way, I appreciate his removing that dead oleander in the center of the driveway. I was dreading chopping that thing up. As I discussed with Tyler, I have been shell-shocked by some of my previous landscape experiences where sprinkler heads were destroyed, etc and no one knew anything about it. Your people are not like that.”
– Mike Preas
– May 2016

“Thank you so much for the work! Not only was it great to have the pampas removed, but your work was so neat and the entrance to our home is now so much more elegant.”
– Liz Jackson
– February 2016

“I would like to thank you again for doing such a fantastic job. The whole process you lead us through from planning to completion was impressive and hassle free.

We love our new house and property and want to take care of it. You have helped us do just that. Strategically removing limbs and a few trees as you suggested accomplished what we were looking for…a healthier, tended looking property and opening up sight lines to actually see more of our property.

The transformation of the back yard is outstanding and exceeded our expectations. You took it from a weed infested, scrappy looking I don’t know what to a beautiful, useable patio. When we bought the house last summer we were so disappointed with learning that the septic system was right off the back deck. No wonder the back yard was fending for itself. Your idea of the pea gravel patio was genius to us and passed the acid test of a house full of company with flying colors. Over Easter weekend there were 5 kids and 9 adults under our roof and the back yard quickly became the favored gathering place. Perfect!

Another impressive part of this project was your crew. Every day they worked they cleaned up. Every day! We would not have been surprised if they waited to cleanup when the project was complete. Truly unexpected for a work in progress. And they were always friendly and polite.

So Reynolds, thank you for doing what you promised to do and for transforming our back yard from an eyesore to a destination! We look forward to our next project with you!”
– Frances Thompson
– April 2015

“From beginning to end Reynolds and his team were professional. They did everything we requested perfectly, giving us back our ocean view and cleaning up some major areas that needed it. They were extremely courteous and Reynolds kept in touch with us the entire time letting us know dates, times, and what could be expected. It also meant a great deal to be asked our opinion and whether we were happy with the progress. We were extremely impressed at how respectful they were of our property making sure that all areas were cleaned of debris, raked, and made to look great. It is that attention to detail that means so much to a homeowner. You will not be disappointed hiring Living Oaks Landscaping. Thank you Reynolds and your team for a fantastic job.”
– Gloria and Larry Lawrence
– April 2015

“I forgot to say how much we LOVE what you are doing with our landscaping. The grounds look great. All the neighbors are happy. . .they all came over to tell us how nice it looked!! We’re very appreciative too!!! thanks again.”
– Kate Lambeth – Corolla, NC
– October 2014

“Just writing to tell you how much we love our new garden. It is everything we imagined and more. You completely captured the idea of a beachy, cottage garden. When we first pulled up at the house my heart sang and I broke into a huge smile. The detail you put into every aspect of this job from conception to laying the final stepping stone was exceptional. Your staff is always pleasant and easy to have around. We look forward to working with you again in the near future and would highly recommend you to others. Wishing you continued success.”
– Cheryll & Dave Nicholson – Corolla, NC
– June 2014

“A couple of weeks ago I was at the Home Depot in Kitty Hawk. I was trying to load 10 landscape timbers into my car, but was struggling due to a shoulder injury. A very kind gentleman from your company came over and asked if I would like some help. (no one at Hope Depot had offered, which is unusual) When I said it would be much appreciated, he went and got another employee, (Phillip, I believe) who helped me put all the timbers in the car and then took the cart back for me. He was so quick; I didn’t have a chance to thank him properly. In today’s world, it is so nice for strangers to help other strangers, to go out of their way to be a good neighbor. I really appreciate the good deed and thoughtfulness of these two gentlemen. Without the assistance, I might still be in the parking lot at Home Depot trying to get those timbers in with just one arm!”
– Kathy Hershey
– April 2014

“Living Oaks Landscaping has really done a great job for our family in Nags Head over the passed 10 years. They have cut down and removed dead trees on our property, planted and trimmed each spring Pampas and Ornamental grasses, installed and spread bales of Pine Straw, as well as trim bushes and trees each spring. These folks are very easy to do business with.”
– Paul Bennsky
– March 2014

“The golf course grade lawn care has made a significant difference in the presentation of our lawn.”
– Ken Peat
– March 2014

“First impressions are vitally important when vacationers drive up to the home they have rented. Without question, Living Oak’s Golf Course Grade lawn service has dramatically enhanced the overall appearance of our home and is the recipient of many positive comments from our guests. I highly recommend this service to any homeowner striving to make his or her property stand out from the others and be the best it can be”
– Rex W. Recka, Homeowner – The Currituck Club
– February 2014

“The Living Oaks Landscaping Team did an excellent job. We are very satisfied and will recommend Living Oaks Landscaping anytime. Thank you for a job well done.”
– Werner and Aliki Scherer – Corolla, NC
– May 2010

We’ve used Reynolds for landscaping jobs for several years and found him and his crew to be responsive, neat, and reliable. I believe his rates are competitive and reasonable.
– Tom O’Brien
– March 2010

“We are into the second week of our beach vacation and let me say first thing that the landscaping efforts that you and your company perform at the house is outstanding. Once again, thanks for all your good work, it’s truly appreciated. Very best regards.”
– Stephen B Wilson – Corolla, NC

“Hope all is well. Just wanted to say we appreciate the great job your guys do on our house every week, especially the edging. It makes all the difference. Well done!”
– Rex & Arlene – Corolla, NC

“We wholeheartedly recommend Reynolds Lockhart, owner of Living Oaks Landscaping and Tree Service.”

We’ve communicated with him via telephone and email. He will readily give you a quote and require your authorization before beginning in work.”
– Tom O’Brien – Duck, NC

“Thanks for following up, you run a good business, very customer oriented.”
– Joel Cohen – MD

“I want to thank you for the superb tree work you recently completed for us. You exceeded our expectations regarding the quality of the job, your keen interest in making sure we were satisfied, and your clean-up effort after completion of the tree cutting. The job required removal of Live Oak trees near the house and you were very knowledgable and careful in bringing the trees down without any damage to the house. For all of this, you were reasonably priced for which we are very grateful. I look forward to working with you again down the line for tree or landscaping work and will recommend you whenever we have a chance. Thanks again.”
– Dave and Donna Burns

“I highly recommend the services of Living Oaks Landscaping. Reynolds and his team of professionals have consistently provided me with quality work at my vacation home in The Currituck Club. I have found each job to have been completed in a timely and efficient manner and always directly in line with our agreed-upon proposal. I am so pleased with the work of Living Oaks Landscaping that I have strongly recommended them to my rental company as the landscape ‘vendor-of-choice’ on the Outer Banks! It’s always comforting to know that Living Oaks is working with me to make the appearance of my home the best it can be!”
– Rex W. Recka – The Currituck Club

“Living Oaks Landscaping provides quality, professional landscaping services. I have found their landscape maintenance along with their seasonal services to provide and create an attractive backdrop for our business that is continuously noticed and complimented.”
– Joe Gaca, Kellogg Supply Company – Duck, NC

“We were down this past weekend – an amazing difference in how the yard looks. Thanks so much!”
– Liz,  Corolla

“The crew did a wonderful job. We are thrilled! Really an outstanding job, thank you.”
– Peg, Corolla

“I think what you’ve developed is beautiful and would work well. …  Thanks for the prompt and detailed response.  Much, much appreciated.”
– Amy, Corolla

“The crew did an excellent job overall.”
– Charlie, Manteo

“The yard looks great. Thanks.”
– Allison, Nags Head

“Thank you ever so much for  of all the work you and your team have been doing on the cottage.” 
– Nancy and George, Duck

“The tree work exceeded our expectations, we are very pleased with the job the guys did out here. It looks far better than we anticipated.
Thank you.”
– Joe, Duck

“I was down at the house over the weekend.  The yard is looking great. Thanks again for all your effort to ensure that.”
– J.H, Southern Shores

“Property looked great the last time we were at the house- thank you for taking great care of it!”                                                                 
-Robert, Duck

“Poor guys have been out here the last two days working their tails off even in the rain.”
– Jay, Southern Shores

“You are conscientious and you think ahead!”
– Nancy, Nags Head

“Thank you for addressing these issues!”
– Katherine

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