Tree Services

Proper pruning is essential to both the health and aesthetic of small shrubs and trees. When the trees get larger, the pruning gets that much more exaggerated and the margin for error increases. There is an “art” to achieving healthy growth as well as maintaining appearances. Living Oaks Landscaping and Tree Services, Inc. has refined that art with experience.

Our tree services relating to pruning reflect our appreciation for the natural growth of trees while other offerings aim to help prevent limbs from causing damage in storms. A proactive approach generates a favorable outcome for the trees on your property though we offer storm and debris clean-up as well.

  • Tree Trimming
  • Brush Clearing and Chipping
  • Tree Removal
  • Storm and Debris Clean-up

Wish I had a picture of the live oak in my yard in KDH when I moved in (someone pruned it to look like a giant mushroom) to let you see a comparison of how if looks now after letting it grow out and having Reynolds prune it a year ago. – Christine, Kill Devil Hills

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